Commission Information

Digital commissions are currently priced by size at $2 USD per square inch and the payment method currently accepted is PayPal. Minimum size of 3x3". Additional figures add 40% each to the final price (i.e. 40 becomes 56 for one extra figure). For embroidery, metals or comic commission inquiries email the address below.


For any commission inquiries, email


Common Sizes

5 x 5" ($50) (Usually Bust or Waist Up)

gallery/return idea 2

6 x 9" ($108) (Usually Waist Up or Full Body)

gallery/return_elowen is back sm

8 x 11" ($176) (Usually Waist Up or Full Body)


Example Contract

It is hereby agreed that ________, the Client, is commissioning Chelsea Belcher, the Artist, for the production of custom artwork. The artwork will be produced as a digital artwork at (dimensions). The artwork is to contain (agreed upon scope and specific details) and will be produced for the fee of $_______.


Fee and Work Schedule


The Artist will provide up to three rough sketches before payment is made. If a sketch is approved by the Client and the Client wishes to proceed, the total fee of $______, is to be paid. Upon receipt of the payment, work will begin on any further changes to the sketch and after the sketch is completed to the client’s satisfaction, will proceed to the rendering of the artwork. Progress updates will be provided at two intervals, 40-50% completion and 90% completion. The client may request small changes at these intervals, the Artist will then proceed to the next stage after the Client’s approval of any changes. If any major changes are to be made or the Client requests more than three changes at a single stage, the fee may be subject to change. 

After the work has reached 100% completion, a low resolution version will be e-mailed to the client for final approval. By giving final approval the Client is agreeing that the work is complete. The artwork will then be provided in the form of a high resolution file e-mailed to the Client, .PNG is the default final file type but the Artist can also provide .JPEG, .PDF, or many other file types at request.


Upon receipt of the final artwork the Client is authorized to make use of the artwork for any non-commercial display purposes. Ownership of the copyright as well as the right to use the artwork for promotional purposes remains with the Artist.


If the Client does not respond to or contact the Artist after a total of 60 calendar days, the contact is considered null and void. Any payment made up to that point is retained by the Artist.


Client Signature: ______________________ Date: ____________

Artist Signature: _______________________ Date: ____________