Chelsea Belcher is an illustrator, comic artist, and jeweler living in Illinois.  She is currently attending Southern Illinois University Edwardsville as a Bachelors of Fine Arts candidate in metalsmithing.

She illustrated and authored a completed webcomic, Missing Dream, as well as a currently ongoing webcomic, Return.  She has had work in art/comic anthologies such as Restless Minds: Imagination, Restless Minds: Nightmares, Forged, and Merci Beaucoup!.

Chelsea likes flowers, fighting chronic illness, and reading comics!

She currently streams weekly at Watch Me Work on Tuesdays at 7pm CST as a featured artist; recorded streams of illustrations in progress can be seen here.

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Chelsea can be reached at disconsolatechanson@gmail.com or by sending a message via the contact tab. If you would like to reach her by phone, text or call (217) 710-4557 and leave a message with a return number.